from Sicily the infinitely reusable mask


The ‘Drop Mask’ was born against Covid-19: the infinitely reusable mask comes from Sicily. Here’s how it works

Drop Mask, the made in Italy mask infinitely reusable (Twitter photo)

In Italy and Europe we have just started towards phase 3, that of stable and constant coexistence with the Coronavirus. In these months of emergency we have heard of many types of masks to protect us (FFP1, FFP2, FFP3, surgical and so on), but now the future is called ‘Drop Mask‘. It is an individual protective device infinitely reusable and that is not thrown. To develop this model of mask was a Sicilian company, the ‘Group hat‘ of Ragusa, who has completed the laboratory tests required by the health authorities and has already registered their product with the Ministry of Health. The marketing of the ‘Drop Mask’, the all-Italian mask, equipped with CE mark and certified as Class 1 medical device, has now left and entered at full capacity.

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Phase 3, from Ragusa here is the ‘Drop Mask’: the infinitely reusable anti-Covid-19 mask

covid drop mask
From Sicily comes the Drop Mask (Photo Twitter)

The new “made in Italy” mask model, patented by the Ragusan company ‘Cappello Group, is equipped with an innovative ergonomic teardrop design, complete with screen, and has the fundamental characteristic that must not be thrown away, but reused indefinitely. The Drop Mask, in fact, proved to be easily washable and sanitizable, and the tests proved to be suitable to protect the nose and mouth of the particles present in the air. It was created in thermoplastic elastomer soft and hypoallergenic for the skin of the face and the triple layer filter must be replaced daily. The manufacturing company, which thanks to the creation of this product has employed about 50 people, has announced that it will donate some of these masks to hospitals, Civil Protection, rescuers and law enforcement agencies of Sicily. Drop Mask will soon also be delivered to your home.

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