From Monday summer centers and game rooms start again, “skip” the five-a-side football


As sporting events resume tomorrow, jump the green light for June 15th of the “contact sports“amateurs such as beach volleyball and five-a-side football. According to what has been learned, there would have been a heated discussion in the Council of Ministers on the subject which then led to the modification of the draft of the dpcm on reopenings and to a postponement to 25 June.

The date was also announced by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte by presenting the decree just signed, but only “if the regions but also the Minister of Sport and Health ascertain that the compatibility of the development with the epidemiological situation occurs”.

The reopening of summer centres and the play areas for children: “Children and young people are allowed to enter places intended for recreational, recreational and educational activities, even non-formal, indoors or outdoors, with the help of operators to whom they can be entrusted in custody and with an obligation to adopt appropriate safety protocols in accordance with the guidelines of the family policy department “. Furthermore, “the access of minors, also together with family members or other people and habitually living with or assigned to their care, to play areas inside parks, villas and public gardens is allowed”.

At the start too arcades, betting rooms is bingo, but also in this case “the activities can be carried out on condition that the Regions and the Autonomous Provinces have previously ascertained the compatibility of the performance of the aforementioned activities with the trend of the epidemiological situation in their territories and that identify the protocols or guidelines applicable to prevent or reduce the risk of contagion in the reference sector or in similar sectors “.

As for the discotheques we will have to wait: “The activities that take place in dance halls and discotheques and similar clubs, outdoors or indoors, remain suspended until July 14, 2020 exhibitions and i congress“But the governors, it is specified, will be able to establish a different date considering the contagion data.

For the shows “open to the public in theaters, concert halls, cinemas and other spaces, even outdoors, they are carried out with pre-assigned and spaced seats and on condition that respect for the interpersonal distance of at least one meter is ensured for both staff , both for spectators who are not habitually living together, with the maximum number of one thousand spectators for outdoor shows and 200 spectators for shows indoors, for each single room “.

As for the do you travel, if ships from cruise they remain in port at least until 14 July, until 30 June 2020, “travel to and from different States and territories” from those of the European Union and the Balkans “are prohibited except for proven working needs, of absolute urgency or for health reasons. Returns to your home, home or residence are in any case allowed. ”

The new measures will be effective until July 14, the draft reads, which reiterates the basic provisions to limit the risks of contagion, from social distancing to the ban on gathering.

“The epidemic is not over – says Health Minister Roberto Speranza -: there are still transmission outbreaks and the virus, even if in a reduced form and with a prevalence of asymptomatic cases, continues to circulate”.

(Unioneonline / D)

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