From left he teased Boldrini and kneeling: “Get up and fight for migrants”


“Get up! Present the abolition of the Safety Decrees and Bossi-Fini. Fight for the opening of ports, against the agreements with Libya and Turkey and stop the criminalization of solidarity. You are parliamentarians of the majority that governs. Get up, it’s late. ” Arrowed, not very ironic and very poisonous, those thrown by the Baobab association, which falls within the galaxy of ultra-left acronyms, to the address of Laura Boldrini and other parliamentarians of the majority who yesterday knelt in protest to the killing by George Floyd.

Baobab, “from 2015 on the street as an informal first reception hub for migrants and as a channel for emancipation from the condition of need and self-determination”, points out that before remembering the abuses on black Americans, the left should remember to defend its own values ​​in Italy, especially those in government.
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The controversies over Boldrini and the kneeling

The opposition between the majority and the majority, under the sign of George Floyd, was unleashed yesterday in the opening session of the Chamber, due to the consequences of an initiative taken by Laura Boldrini. The deputy Pd had intervened the night before to remember the death of George Floyd, condemning all forms of racism and discrimination, at the end of which a group of Dem deputies had knelt, replicating the form of silent and non-violent protest, which it is widespread in the United States to condemn the death of the African American citizen killed by a police officer in Minneapolis. Fratelli d’Italia has strongly argued. “A skit”.

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