From Juve to Rome, from Inter to Sampdoria: the shame of 350 thousand subscribers ignored by everyone. Who refunds them? | First page


Based on data from last fall, when all the companies had already closed the sale, the subscribers to the twenty Serie A teams are 354,488. From 41,000 for Inter record holder to 7,411 for Sassuolo, the latter also for a question of the size of the city, passing through 32,000 for Milan, 27,700 for Juve and 21,559 for Rome. Then someone – for example Lazio – reopened the season ticket campaign to take advantage of a particularly happy moment, and then the data increased a little more.Over 350 thousand people. A world of passion and a mountain of money. Elements – passion and above all money – that help companies move forward. Yet in the chaos that accompanied football in this period, in the midst of which everyone finds something to ask or to claim, nobody thinks of them: subscribers.

They will not be able to go to the stadium because they play behind closed doors; they probably won’t be able to do it until the last day. IS many of them, according to what is established by the card transfer modalities, are not entitled to any refund, not expected even if the races cannot be played or seen due to force majeure. According to recent research by the Print, there are ten clubs that do not contemplate the refund of one euro, whatever happens: Juve, Inter, Roma, Atalanta, Samp, Genoa, Brescia, Lecce, Spal and Udinese. But also for the other ten companies, reimbursement is far from discounted and automatic. Rather.

Minister Spadafora said that season ticket holders will have a voucher. But from whom? And to do what? Are you sure that clubs are willing to guarantee adequate vouchers, giving up important money in such a difficult period for them too? Someone thinks of discounts for the renewal of the card in the next season, given that the fans will now lose at least six home games, in practice one third of what they have paid for. Will companies really cut prices by 30 percent to those who already subscribed? Not to mention the fact that even the 2020-2021 championship could begin behind closed doors. And then the mockery would be double.There are very few companies that have made a concrete move for their subscribers: signals came from Fiorentina, from Spal; something is pondering Rome. The presidents mourn misery, the footballers complain about the money and the heat, and almost no one thinks of those who invested money and passion for their team at the beginning of the season. A shame, already.


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