from June 15 beware of fines


The cameras have been turned off since March 13, but ready to return to action on June 15. Area C is activated again, together with the mobile bollards for pedestrian areas.

The mayor Giuseppe Sala, within the order that reactivates the restricted traffic areas, however, still guarantees “transit for vehicles used by doctors, pharmacists and healthcare professionals“. This is a limitation created to encourage the use of more ecological means, such as bicycles, for which new cycle paths are planned along the entire axis of the city.

The re-switching on of the cameras, despite the anomalous traffic, is sustainable, as Area C concerns a limited area of ​​Milan, with a large number of alternatives for mobility“. These are the reasons present in the ordinance.

Area B remains closed until a later date

The fate of the cameras in Area B is a different fate, the new limited traffic area which has been active throughout the Milan area for a year, off until a later date.

The Municipality will decide on reopening on the basis of future reopening and transport directives. “Keeping Area B suspended allows people to travel over long distances with their own vehicles even after reducing public transport“Said Sala in the order.

Paid stops return on the blue and yellow stripes

Until June 14 the blue and yellow stalls (those reserved for residents) in Milan will remain free. From Monday 15 June the stops will return for a fee within the circle of Navigli, therefore throughout the city center. The yellow parking spaces will be reserved exclusively for residents.

In the peripheral areas of the city (outside the circulars of lines 90-91) the stops remain free until a date to be allocated.

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