from July they will be more recommended


From next month, a new measure will come into force to encourage the use of payment cards at the expense of cash: merchants, art and professions, in fact, will be able to enjoy the tax credit that will accrue on the commissions charged for transactions made by customers with these tools.

To establish it is the art. 22 of the decree-law n. 124 of 2019, with which a tax credit equal to 30% of the commissions charged for transactions carried out by customers with payment cards has been established starting from 1 July 2020.

Only businesses, art or professions with revenues or fees in the previous tax year of less than 400,000 can benefit from this measure.

How the benefit with payment cards works

The tax credit is due within certain limits imposed by the EU aid rules de minimis:

  • 200,000 euros over three financial years
  • € 15,000 for companies that produce agricultural products
  • € 30,000 for companies operating in the fishing and aquaculture sector

This benefit can only be used in compensation through the F24 form from the month following the month in which the expenses were made (therefore from August 2020).

The subjects issuing the payment cards will send the data relating to the various transactions electronically to the Revenue Agency, so as to allow the latter to verify the benefit.

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