from July taxes down to 16 million workers


Roberto Gualtieri considers it the first module of the reduction of tax. That tax reform invoked more and more loudly. From July 1st the cutting of the tax wedge decided by government at the end of last year with the budget maneuver. For incomes up to 26 thousand euros, the bonus Renzi will go from 80 to 100 euros. For incomes between 26 thousand and 28 thousand euros, previously excluded from the old bonus, 100 euros more per month will arrive in the pay packet. For income from € 28,000 to € 40,000 there will be a tax deduction on the job which will result in a decreasing monthly benefit that starts from € 80 to zero out, in fact, at € 40,000 in income.

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“We have reduced taxes to 16 million workers and wages will increase for 16 million people from July 1st,” he explained Gualtieri. “For 4.5 million,” added the minister, “they will increase by 100-80 euros net per month, for 11 million the old 80 euros will reach 100 euros, a significant increase, they are seven billion taxes cut permanently, a first step in the wider reform of the personal income tax ».

Lost fund, Gualtieri: almost 1 million applications

Redundancy fund, reform only in 2021: incentives for hiring young people and women

It is no mystery that Gualtieri, in his tax reform, would like to continue on this path. In other words, reinforce the tax cut for the middle class, reducing the third tax rate, that of 38%, in order to strengthen the wedge cut and increase the net that workers receive in the pay packet. Just as the minister pushes for a targeted strategy to awaken the production system from the double dose of anesthetic administered during the lockdown: the Redundancy fund for everyone and the blocking of layoffs. Gualtieri’s strategy is to revitalize the labor market by guaranteeing a timed decontribution for those who hire workers without firing them for at least 24 months, in addition to a longer suspension of the dignity decree by eliminating the obligation of a causal forward contracts.

But the majority summit two days ago returned a more than divided, split government. To the recipes of the Minister of Economy, the Five Stars movement opposes its own, which provide for the extension throughout the year of the Cassa in derogation linked to Covid and the blocking of layoffs. With a new variable, the direct proposals of the head of government Giuseppe Conte. His idea was to immediately and temporarily reduce VAT rates to boost consumption as done in Germany. Proposal accepted coldly by the Dems and by the Minister of the Economy for the uncertain effects, but for the certain consequences, that is the absorption of a very significant share of the 20 billion new deficit that the government is preparing to deliberate to buffer again the economic emergency.

As well as With you has laid the hypothesis of tax exempting labor costs for companies that renounce the layoffs linked to Covid. The impression is that the doctors gathered around the patient’s bed have too different diagnoses and treatments. But the problem is also another. The scarcity of funds risks also affecting the recovery measures. It is the case of theEcobonus 110% for energy and seismic renovations of buildings, the only real relaunch measure included in the decree that also the word “relaunch” has in its title. The eco-bonus will not start on July 1st as required by the decree. Before issuing the decrees implementing the measure, the government will wait for the conversion into law of the decree which will arrive in mid-July. Many other expectations related to the eco-bonus are likely to be disappointed. The measure will be extended to second homes, but with the limit of only one additional home. And the maximum subsidized amount will probably drop from 60 to 40 thousand euros per housing unit. The extension to 2022 to conclude the works is also in the balance.

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