from Casal Bertone to San Basilio, the social redevelopment project


On the one hand, the inconveniences of citizens and their demands, on the other, the activists of the Popular Network of Tiburtina who, after the work done in recent months, are looking at a redevelopment project of the popular area up to over the Gra. The objective, presented during a meeting at the Arci club “Marchesi Concept” of Tiburtino III on Thursday afternoon, is “To pursue a model of struggle that restores the rights of the inhabitants of our neighborhoods” they explained from the Network.

From Casal Bertone to San Basilio, passing from Casal Bruciato, Prato lungo and Tiburtino III, the activists of the Network (founded about two years ago), have been engaged in different battles in the various neighborhoods close to via Tiburtina: from the fight to ignition for heating in public housing in via Satta, via Facchinetti and via Diego Angeli in Casal Bruciato, up to the collection of garbage on the streets of Casal Bertone during the waste emergency period, without forgetting the creation and development of aggregation spaces and the solidarity expenditure in San Basilio as in Tiburtino III where solidarity actions still started also in the pre-covid phase.

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From the voices of Marcella, Carlo, Davide, Lorenzo and Cesare the clear and determined will to continue to follow a path already made: listen to the inconveniences of the citizens to intervene, also through a dialogue with the institutions (too often absent), to the resolution of the issues. “We do not have a package already packaged – they explained – Our action is in progress with a clear goal: to fill the empty spaces left by politics not only in the social but also structural, public works and mobility sectors so that the territory meets the needs citizens, “they said.

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