From car scrapping to the holiday bonus, the changes on the track on the relaunch decree



From the government willingness to extend the 110% eco-bonus for energy efficiency and anti-seismic measures also to second homes and hotels until 2022

Dl relaunch, Patuanelli: superbonus true norm economic revival

From the government willingness to extend the 110% eco-bonus for energy efficiency and anti-seismic measures also to second homes and hotels until 2022

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The government with Undersecretary Riccardo Fraccaro has given a first go-ahead to the amendments to the Relaunch decree which extend the superecobonus of the 110% for energy efficiency and seismic measures also to second homes and hotels until 2022. The proposed change, supported by all the majority forces and which will have to pass the screening of the roofs, is one of about 10 thousand on the parliamentary path of that which is actually a ploy (266 articles) designed by the government to stem the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

The first selection of the amount of amendments to the decree will come Tuesday: the parties will have until 9 morning to indicate the so-called “reported”, ie the proposals on which you want to actually pass to the vote in committee Balance. The ceiling, given the amount of the provision and the requests for modification, was set at 1,200 amendments. The resources for the changes are limited to just 800 million, divided between the House and the Senate.

Car scrapping

Among the proposed changes there is also that of Pd (supported by Iv is Leu) which provides incentives up to 4 thousand euros in 2020 for the purchase of cars Euro 6, with CO2 emissions higher than 61 grams per kilometer, against the scrapping of a vehicle of at least 10 years. An intervention designed to help showrooms to dispose of unsold stocks. On the subject, however, there is no harmony in the majority. The M5S makes wall with its parliamentarians opposed to any type of incentive other than for ecological and electric hybrid. The movement ‘s government patrol, however, is more likely, starting with the minister of the Economical progress, Stefano Patuanelli. The key to getting out of the impasse could lie in some bipartisan amendments tabled by League, fDI is Fi, but also from Iv and some deputy M5S, which aim to expand the current eco-bonus for hybrid and electric vehicles, modulating the discount based on emissions.

Bonus holidays

There are also numerous amendments to which ask for a review of the tax credit for tourism. The proposals signed by majority and opposition deputies, separately, aim to raise in some cases up to one thousand EUR the bonus for the household and also to cancel the Isee roof of 40 thousand euros. Currently the standard provides for a maximum 500 EUR per family, usable by one member only.

Be Italy alive, be there League (the parties that intervene most on this front, although there are amendments by some parliamentarians 5S as well as of Fi) ask to review the threshold by raising it. The fan is wide: in some cases the bar is raised slightly (600 euros), while in others it reaches altitude 800 euro or even One thousand Euro. Ditto regarding the Isee roof: the deputies aim to cancel the bond or at least to raise it, bringing it to 50 or 60 thousand euros.

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