From anti Salvini sardines to Tik Tok against Trump


It seems impossible that the president of the United States of America, the most powerful man in the world, was mocked and taken aback by a few thousand young people who via Tik Tok first reserved a place for his Tulsa rally, but then, making false excuses (my car ran out of gas, I have unbearable headaches, the sick cat, …), cancel last minute. Result: a nice flop, half-empty stands, occupied by only 6200 congressmen out of 19 thousand seats available. The pitiless images of the room have already said everything.

How was this possible?

But how was this possible? It seems that the tam tam among the youngest – it is not known if and how much coordinated by whom and how – has spread quickly. So quickly that it did not arouse suspicion, also because it seems they were good at erasing the tracks. Trump’s embarrassed statements that blamed the danger of the Coronavirus, the feared counter-demonstrations and the economic crisis were of no use. The fact is that, just when the tenant of the White House is weak (with Joe Biden leading the polls), the hoax via social media has the effect of ridiculing ‘the president’. Incredible, but true.

Matteo Salvini’s Italy

It is not the first case in which politicians, apparently invincible, who have been opposed for years with the power of ideas, with a thousand arguments and calls to risk their extreme messages (these efforts are still necessary), are now challenged on another level , which is not the political one in the strict sense. Do you know Matteo Salvini’s Italy? He, too, seemed unbeatable when, day after day, he fueled the consensus tank with new, increasingly clear and profound provocations. Any reasoning about the Salvinian threat with its incendiary expressions, for the continuous blowing on an exasperated sovereignism, on the divisions between good and bad (black and white), was destined to die down after a few meters. Then in the squares – those same squares so dear to the gatherings of his populist right – the nice sardines suddenly materialized and multiplied. So the vice-president of the Italian Council, who aspired to Giuseppe Conte’s chair, was joined and knocked out by opponents on his own ground.

Trump humiliated with social media

The same thing happened with Trump: the great unpredictable, uncontrollable and dangerous communicator and loose dog, benefited in the electoral campaign and in the reign years from a casual use of the network, was humiliated with a social operation. Perhaps this defeat will not be enough to turn his page, also because the challenger seems to us a little dull compared to the fiery outgoing who looks like a volcano in continuous eruption. We’ll see. But what do sardines and Tik Tok ultimately tell us? That, if you want to defeat a strong antagonist, you must also be able to face it, choosing its battlefield: mobilizing sympathizers, going out on the street and communicating via social networks. Traditional and new democratic forms of manifestation, which even if only to allow us to be there / to appear and to say ‘hey, we are there!’, ‘There is an alternative’, they give strength and hope to the troops in the rear . In the autumn it will be seen.

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