From 3 June it is forbidden to bring the bike on Trenord trains that do not have a special space


Trenord, from June 3, has banned its passengers from carrying their bikes on its trains that do not have a special space. With an internal circular, the company that manages regional rail transport in Lombardy has communicated that starting from June 3, “the general ban on the transport of bicycles on all trains of the Trenord service will apply for safety reasons and to ensure the observance of the rules on spacing ┬╗to contain contagion from coronavirus. Trains equipped with special spaces for bicycles, which are not very many, are excluded from the ban.

On the other hand, “the transport of folding bicycles, single-wheeled bikes and the like, as long as they are not cumbersome and stored on the train so as not to limit access, handling, seats and the safety of travelers” is permitted.

The circular was made known by Day and from the site, and its authenticity has been confirmed by Trenord at Post. Although the ban has been in effect since June 3, there have been no public communications from the company and the old rules on bike transportation are still online on the Trenord website.

Trenord’s decision goes in the opposite direction to some recent Trenitalia choices that encourage the integration between train and bicycle, such as the extension of the free transport of folding bikes on all regional trains, including scooters, hoverboards and monowheels. Furthermore, on most Trenitalia regional trains there are no limits for bicycle transport: just pay the supplement.

Trenord’s order also contrasts with the plan of the municipality of Milan to encourage the use of bicycles which, in line with the policies of many other metropolises in the world, has the aim of decongesting public transport in the emergency re-start phase from coronavirus.

The Trenord ban risks creating serious problems not only for those who use the bicycle to get to their workplace, but also for those who work with the bike, that is, the riders who live outside Milan and have to reach the city by train daily. During the Easter weekend, a video shot by a Trenord driver was circulating on social networks showing dozens of riders waiting for a train at the Milano Nord Domodossola railway station.

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