From 28 to 30 July the Giro di Romagna for Dante Alighieri, the first stage race of the year


Cycling restarts from Emilia-Romagna and its vocation for cycling, an increasingly reference point for the revitalization of tourism and economic sectors connected to the world of sport in our country. And while working to allow the full recovery of accommodation and sports activities, in compliance with the protocols and prevention and safety measures, the new date for the first edition of the Giro di Romagna for Dante Alighieri, postponed to April, is ready.

From Tuesday 28 to Thursday 30 July 2020 Romagna is ready to host the show of the first stage race of the year for the Elite and Under 23 cyclists, with the best national teams ready to arrive in the “land of the sweet life” for three intense competition days with a strong sporting and cultural value.

Sport, culture and tourism in fact will return to intertwine in this new appointment launched by the consolidated organizational team of the Giro d’Italia Under 23, composed of the New Ciclistica Placci 2013, chaired by Marco Selleri, in collaboration with Marco Pavarini’s Communication Clinic. A new appointment that today more than ever has the objective of promoting and relaunching the territories of Romagna, starting from the sport that combines culture, history and lifestyle.

The path, still being defined, will largely resume the one already presented, developing around an unpublished narrative for cycling: it will always be the figure of Dante Alighieri to act as the guiding thread for the race that will start from Ravenna, ideally opening , in 2020, the celebrations for the 700 years since the death of the great poet Dante Alighieri, who died in 1321 in Ravenna, the city where Dante, exiled from Florence, had found refuge and wrote part of Purgatory and Paradise.

The Giro di Romagna for Dante Alighieri aims to narrate Dante with an innovative communication project, carried out also with the fundamental support of the Emilia-Romagna Region, of APT Servizi Emilia-Romagna and Destination Romagna, of the administrations of the Municipalities, headquarters of departure and stage arrival (which should be Ravenna, Riccione, Santa Sofia, Cattolica and Gatteo Mare).

The reference to Dante Alighieri and his works will be explicit, starting from the four coveted jerseys at stake, made by partner Alé: the special “Divina Commedia” jersey, also branded “Romagna – the land of sweet life”, to the leader of the general classification, the red “Inferno” jersey at the first of the points classification, the “Purgatorio” green jersey at the leader of the mountain grand prix and the “Paradiso” white jersey at the first of the youth classification.

The President of the Emilia-Romagna Region, Stefano Bonaccini: “Emilia-Romagna is increasingly confirmed as one of the capitals of Italian cycling and beyond. It is an honor to host the restart of the first stage race for Elite and under 23 cyclists in Romagna, the land of many champions on two wheels, starting with Marco Pantani. The combination with the celebrations for the 700 years since Dante’s death also confirms how sport and culture will be two pillars on which we want to continue investing in the coming months “.

“It is important that the Giro di Romagna takes place, even with the delay of a few months – declares the Councilor for Sport of the Municipality of Ravenna, Roberto Fagnani -, not only because this event enhances our territory in the name of the Supreme poet in anticipation of the seventh centenary of death, but because in fact it is the first sporting event that takes place after the Covid-19 emergency in Romagna. It is a significant signal for all sport that I hope will return to normal as soon as possible, while continuing to keep high attention on health aspects for the safety of all “.

“It is a great honor to host the start of the second stage of the Giro di Romagna dedicated Dante Alighieri – said the mayor of Riccione, Renata Tosi -. It is undeniable for us Romagna people to attach to the bike. A sport, of course, but also a style life that today brings us to the international rankings to be the land where slow, ecological and sustainable mobility is a stainless reality. The bike has taught us fatigue and sweat, sacrifice and victories, in short, a large part of our Romagna character we owe to her, our first and true love “.

“It is important to allow Elite and Under 23 cyclists to come back to confront each other even in short stage races – underlines Marco Selleri, general manager of the Giro di Romagna for Dante Alighieri – after a stop that has certainly hampered their dream of becoming professionals in the We are working with intensity, aware of the attention to be paid to the health situation and protocols, to pursue the goal of contributing to the growth of the Italian cycling movement “.

Adds Marco Pavarini, organizing director of the Giro di Romagna for Dante Alighieri: “The Giro di Romagna for Dante Alighieri at a time like the one we are experiencing also represents a useful contribution to strengthening our sense of Italianness, intended as participation in the cultural heritage and civilization attributed to our country. A reminder that starts from Emilia-Romagna because this territory, even in these months, is proving to be the place where the promotion of the territory can take place with powerful and innovative tools, such as those concerning sport and sustainable mobility “.


1st stage: Tuesday 28 July 2020
Ravenna (Ra) – Ravenna (Ra)

2nd stage: Wednesday 29 July 2020
Riccione (Rn) – Santa Sofia (Fc)

3rd stage: Thursday 30 July 2020
Cattolica (Rn) – Gatteo Mare (Fc)


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“Divine Comedy” jersey Romagna – the land of sweet life (leader of the general classification)
Red jersey “Inferno” (leader of the points classification)
Green jersey “Purgatory” (leader of the mountain prizes)
“Paradiso” white jersey (leader of the youth ranking)

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