Friday 3 July at the Symposium of Trento dinner to ask for “Justice for Chico Forti”


It will be held on July 3 at the Il Simposio restaurant in Trento lat dinner to ask “Justice for Chico Forti “.

The initiative is organized by the movement “The Wave of Chico – Trento“In collaboration with the Committee”A Chance for Chico “ and lo uncle Gianni Forti and, in the cost of the dinner, 5 euros per person will be allocated to the FundGive Chico a 5 “, who for years has been collecting offers that allow him to alleviate his prison conditions.

The interest in dinner has proved very high, as evidence that the citizens of Trento are always very sensitive to the affair of Chico Forti.



At the moment there are still few places available, for which it is essential to make a reservation at telephone number 338 6226114. Aside from fundraising, the main goal of the dinner is to keep the attention is high on the case of our fellow citizen, at a crucial moment for a desired solution to his story.

In fact, on February 26, in full emergency Coronavirus, Chico’s uncle, Gianni Forti, was summoned to the Farnesina for a meeting with the Minister Luigi Di Maio and the Undersecretary of State Riccardo Fraccaro. On that occasion all the aspects useful for the transfer of Chico Forti to Italy in a short time were discussed, on the basis of the application officially presented in the first days of December 2019 by the American lawyer Joe Tacopina.

This question is based on Strasbourg Convention of March 21, 1983Convention on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons “ signed by Italy and the United States.



In the same period the transmission of Italia 1 Le Iene he began to take an interest in the case of Chico Forti, also dedicating the entire episode of 30 January 2020 to his story. The broadcasting of the services has created a strong involvement of public opinion nationally and the Movement was born “The Wave of Chico Forti”, now present in all Italian regions.

Among the initiatives already undertaken are the posting of banners, posters and flyers in shops and on cars. In recent weeks some municipalities, starting from Lazio and Puglia regions, they deliberated the display of a banner to ask for Justice for Chico Forti at the municipal offices. A similar initiative was also undertaken by Municipality of Trento, through a motion presented on May 12 and still waiting to be discussed in the Council signed by the vice president Vittorio Bridi



During the dinner we will therefore try to solicit the implementation of this initiative and start new ones that can stimulate the competent bodies of the Government to keep diplomatic efforts high so that Chico Forti can get justice.

Dinner will be held in the restaurant The Symposium in via Antonio Rosmini 19 in Trento, at 8 pm.

The contact person for “The wave of Chico-Trento” will be present Paola Sartori, the President of the Committee “A Chance for Chico” Lorenzo Moggio and Chico’s uncle, Gianni Forti.

MENU: potato tortel with meats, cheeses and cabbage salad, first beer (or drink) included (possibility of vegetarian / vegan alternative, on request).
COST: 20 euros, of which 5 euros will be donated to the “Give a 5 to Chico” Fund of the “Una Chance per Chico” Committee.
ABOUT and Reservations at 338.6226114 (Paola).

Recall that Enrico Forti, called Chico, is an Italian sentenced to life in the United States of America. Since then he has been in a maximum security prison in Miami for a crime he claims he never committed and, despite twenty years of imprisonment, does not stop proclaiming his innocence.

To support Chico in all these years, in addition to his “Rock mom” Maria, today ninety-two years old, has her three children, lo uncle Gianni Forti with Wilma and his close friend Roberto Fodde.

A large number of friends, artists and personalities from the show have spoken about his story to keep the media attention alive, in the hope that Chico will soon be able to return to Italy as a free man, and for this reason the Committee has been activated “A Chance for Chico “.

In recent months, thanks to the services of Le Iene, a strong involvement of public opinion has been created in Italy. Following this concern, the page Facebook Chico Forti launched the idea of ​​displaying the first “Liberate Chico” posters in commercial activities and on cars. In a short time solidarity grows to the point that it is decided to give a name to all these initiatives and thus the Wave of Chico was born, making a clear reference to his past in the world of Windsurfing.

The “Give a 5 to Chico” fund, set up by the “Una Chance per Chico” Committee, helps alleviate the prison conditions of our friend and fellow citizen. Every month, thanks to the Fund, $ 300 is sent to Chico which allows him to eat a little better on weekends, buy hygiene products and some kind of comfort.

All these things, in his situation, have enormous importance for his survival in prison. All information on the Chico Forti case: The Facebook page: The Facebook event of the dinner at Il Symposio: https : //

For those who want to help Chico: IBAN: IT35G 05856 01801083571281676 OWNER: ONE CHANCE FOR CHICO COMMITTEE



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