Free travel, new ordinances: the rules by Region


    <h2>The governors of Lazio, Campania and Puglia signed ordinances to manage travel between regions</h2>


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    <p>With the green light to <strong>displacements between regions</strong>, the first differences emerge based on the ordinances signed by individual governors. In fact, in the late evening of yesterday, the provisions of three regions arrived in particular, <strong>Lazio, Campania and Puglia</strong>, signed by their respective governors Nicola Zingaretti, Vincenzo De Luca and Michele Emiliano. Ansa reports this.

Movements between regions, the Lazio ordinance

According to an order signed by the governor of Lazio Nicola Zingaretti, those who present symptoms “of respiratory infection and will not be able to enter the Region – and they will not be able to move on the regional territory” fever greater than 37.5 °“.

“According to the dpcm of April 26, 2020 – reads the ordinance -, they must remain at their home and limit social contacts to the maximum, by contacting their doctor.”

Stop also to “subjects already subjected to health surveillance through fiduciary isolation”.

Movements between regions, the ordinance in Campania

Travelers arriving at Campania railway stations or at the airport, as stated in the order signed by the governor Vincenzo De Luca, will have to undergo the body temperature detection and, in the case of temperatures equal to or higher than 37.5 degrees, Covid-19 rapid test and any buffer.

According to the provision, moreover, all people from other Italian regions or from abroad have the obligation, in case of symptoms, to immediately notify the ASL prevention department and their doctor.

Movements between regions, what changes in Puglia

Who arrives in Puglia from today, June 3, will have the obligation to report but no more than doing home quarantine. To establish it is an order signed in the evening by the President of the Puglia Region Michele Emiliano.

“In order to counter and contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus – reads the ordinance – it is arranged that with effect from 3 June 2020, all natural persons who move, move or enter Puglia, from other regions o from abroad, by public or private means of transport they report the movement, transfer or entry by filling in the self-reporting model available on the institutional website of the Puglia Region; declare the place of origin and the municipality where they are staying “.

Also, for those arriving in Puglia there is an obligation to keep a form on the state of health “for a period of thirty days” with “the list of places visited and people met during the stay”.

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