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Two thousand more pedal-assisted bicycles are ready to “land” in Milan: the Jump Italy company (linked to Uber) has in fact been awarded the invitation to tender issued by the Municipality for the free-flow bike sharing activity, but intended precisely for electric vehicles with pedal assistance.

The concession will last three years on an experimental basis. The fleet will be two thousand bikes and, as always happens, the logo of the Municipality of Milan will also be affixed on each vehicle. The announcement was modified on April 27 by the Milanese junta in order to simplify the assignment procedure for free floating bike sharing with pedal assistance. The goal of Palazzo Marino is to bring the number of free-flow bikes available to citizens and visitors from 8 thousand to 16 thousand.

The previous criteria were too strict and therefore the companies had failed to meet them. The use of the bicycle has considerably expanded, after the lockdown, because many Milanese now prefer private means of transport to public ones. For example, a 70% increase in the use of bike sharing is calculated compared to the period prior to the lockdown.

Multiple cycle paths in Milan

The Municipality is making gentle mobility easier by increasing the tracks and cycle lanes at a fast pace. In particular, he accelerated on the track from Piazza San Babila to Sesto San Giovanni, “colliding” with the resistance of motorists and (in Corso Buenos Aires) dealers, but also creating the first “island” for bicycles in front of a traffic light, at the height of Piazza Lima: a space dedicated exclusively to bikes in front of the traffic lights. And a new “clash” front has opened for a cycle path in Viale delle Legioni Romane, in the Bande Nere area.

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