Free after 23 years on death row, unjustly accused of the death of a girl


He spent 23 years on death row in Pennsylvania, accused of the murder of a 4-year-old girl. Now Walter Ogrod is free again, because that crime has now established justice, in reality he never committed it.

It was 1988 when Barbara Jean Horn, her neighbor in Philadelphia, was brutally sexually assaulted and killed. “Not only did we steal 23 years of your life, but we threatened to execute you on the basis of falsehood,” said district attorney Carrie Wood.

Ogrod, who was 23 when Barbara was killed and now 55, is suffering from autism. In 1992 he confessed to the murder, in 1993 his lawyers claimed that the confession had been extorted by a detective. Five witnesses also claimed to have seen a man wander around where Barbara’s body was found, and the description of the suspect did not match Ogrod’s. In 1996 he was sentenced to death.

Ogrod protested in prison, declaring his innocence and the case attracted national attention. Documentaries were dedicated to him and the mother of the murdered child expressed herself in his favor: “I have no doubt that he is not the killer and must be released. My daughter will never go home, but I wanted justice for her, not just a closed case. ”

Prosecutor Wood addressed the mother: “You have not been told the truth about what happened to your little girl years ago. And I’m sorry”. According to official documents, Barbara died of asphyxiation. In his confession, Ogrod said he beat her to death with a metal bar.

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