“Franceschini has already said it”. Pd and M5s, impossible to go on – Libero Quotidiano


Sara Matteo Salvini to bring down the second government of Giuseppe Conte? A background of the Everyday occurrence reveals how Dario Franceschini, Minister of Culture and Head of Delegation of Pd in the executive, in response to the “sgarro” of the General states (considered a “forward flight” by the premier) you meditate to implement a retaliation capable of blowing up the majority. The issue has already been raised in the Council of Ministers: after asking Conte for a “public initiative” against Egypt to finally find out the truth about the poor man’s death Giulio RegeniFranceschini asked to have the amendments to the “possibly already in the next CDM” approved Security decrees of the former League minister of the Interior, one of the heaviest and most compromising yellow-green legacies (seen from the left) of the cricket-League experience.

The Democratic Party, he explains the fact“Points to restoration of humanitarian protection for some categories at risk, as well as at least for the mitigation of fines for NGOs“. As always the fact, “a mine, a few hours from the General States” and above all requests that put the 5 Stars as obvious difficulties, that those decrees voted for them only a few months ago, albeit in a diametrically opposed parliamentary and political context. Conte, in order not to immediately raise the case, “has shown himself to be conciliatory”, while for now Luigi Di Maio “does not want to feed the tension”. But the knots will come to a head.

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