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Angelo Zinetti

Macron believes himself Kim Jong-un. Like the Korean Communist dictator, who occasionally fires a missile at Japan to remind the world that he too has the atomic bomb, so the French president welcomed the test on the new ballistic weapon of the transalpine armed forces. The “Le Temeraire” missile submarine has successfully launched an M51 missile from the waters of the Finistère department in Brittany. Defense Minister Florence Parly said on Twitter yesterday. “This test shows our technological excellence and our attachment to French sovereignty,” wrote Parly.

According to a military source cited by the Bfm-tv broadcaster, the missile fell off the Azores. To tell the truth, a nuclear warhead had not been mounted on the carrier. This type of test is carried out approximately every three years. In 2013, the launch had failed after the missile burst in flight, just 25 kilometers from the Breton coast. This time, however, the M-51 ballistic missile flew “3700 miles” (6000 km) going to sink into the Sargasso Sea, 400 miles (640 km) north of Puerto Rico. Each M-51 can carry from 6 to 10 multiple atomic warheads with independent target, 110 kilotons of power each (9 times Hiroshima), and as each of the 4 French submarines of that type can carry 16 missiles, in theory from each French submarine can launch up to 160 nuclear warheads. Each Triomphant-class submarine is armed with sixteen SLBMs, each of which can carry up to ten 150 Kiloton MIRV warheads. France admits, however, that it has only 300 atomic warheads in total, among all three armed forces.

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