Franca Leosini’s return: the notebook and the cult phrases, the time she cried a quarter of an hour


June 7, 2020 – 7:44 am

On Rai3 two episodes of Cursed Stories: My interlocutors are never professionals of the crime, but people like me who at some point fall into the void of a cursed story

of Renato Franco

Strict reading of procedural documents, surgical questions that do not circumvent uncomfortable questions, unique lexical figure: Franca Leosini has long been a television pop star with lots of groupies (the leosiners). Our Lady of the Murders, 16: 9 version of Truman Capote in cold blood, Franca Leosini returns on TV with two episodes of her Cursed stories tonight on Rai3. Franca Lando, married Leosini, born in Naples on March 16 (the year is not said). After graduating in Modern Letters, he started working for printed paper at theExpressed, the tv comes without you asking for it in 1988. I was at Time and I followed the trial on the murder of Anna Parlato Grimaldi descendant of the well-known shipowner family. My reports pleased and I was called directly by Rai as an author for Yellow telephone by Augias. At that time I realized that all the great human passions are contained in the noir, from there everything begins

June 7, 2020 | 07:44


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