“Four unavailable in Bergamo. There is a great desire to start again”


On the eve of the super challenge at the home ofAtalanta, the technician of the Lazio Simone Inzaghi he spoke at the press conference, also taking stock of the players who are currently suffering.

Atalanta-Lazio, the Inzaghi conference

“There is a desire to restart, we have left behind a particular moment for the world. We want to restart, we have seen the Italian Cup, there will be difficulties, it is an objective fact. We will face close matches, physical problems and mental fatigue. “

“We will have great certainties, we have been standing still for a long time. We have some problems with men, but it also happens in the other teams. I have seen the boys eager to resume, unfortunately we were unable to make separate games with Ternana. The other teams had the Italian Cup to come back in spirit, but I saw the boys confident. They trained seriously “.

Leiva, Lulic, Marusic and Luiz Felipe there will be no tomorrow, we hope to recover at least Marusic for Fiorentina. Adekanye and Moro won’t be there either, but I’m convinced of the others. Lulic had a very serious injury, probably will give it to us next year. Luiz Felipe had a first degree injury, Leiva has a discomfort that does not allow him to train regularly “.

“It must remain this. To be there and win the trophies we had a great spirit. We have a few ailments but I think they all have them. We know we had done something important, we want to present ourselves with the same spirit. The players were three months on the sofa, there will be problems that will affect not only Lazio but all the teams “.

“It has been very difficult months for everyone. We have had hard times, all Italians. Having parents in Piacenza, one of the most affected cities, I had a great deal of apprehension. There were more important things in football.”

“We know the value of Atalanta, very well for years ago, our paths started together, mine and that of Gasperini. We both had excellent rides. We are organized teams, we won, lost and equalized. It will be a beautiful game and bench difficult test. The kids know what they’re going to meet. “

Simone Inzaghi

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