Forza Italia-Lega: towards the break. Carfagna: “Salvini speaks like the 5 Stars”


-> “Matteo Salvini doesn’t understand Berlusconi? We don’t understand him sometimes either, he often speaks like the 5 stars”: to affirm it is the vice president of the Chamber Mara Carfagna, in an interview to the The print. “It is right to start a dialogue between majority and opposition, Forza Italia has been asking for some time, but now it’s up to the Prime Minister to show that he wants to be serious with an act of courage,” added Carfagna, alluding to Silvio Berlusconi’s initiative. The ex-minister denied that FI wants to “enter a government to make strange agreements”: “The road is that of national responsibility, the hope is that the government will not be a merchant’s ears as in the last three months, when it basically went forward alone with Dpcm blows, night press conferences and decisions in solitude often also ineffective or even harmful “. Unequivocal words that confirm a center-right split on everything as anticipated by Affaritaliani.

According to Forza Italia, the general States of the economy “must first start with a confrontation with the oppositions, which represent half of the country and cannot be kept out of crucial choices”. As for EU funds, added Carfagna, “it is the first time that Europe shows solidarity and puts real money on the table. I believe that our allies too must take note that Europe has changed, after a start absolutely below expectations. Now it has provided tools without which we would have already gone bankrupt. ”

Antonio Tajani, the Vice President of Forza Italia also confirms that “The Center-Right has always accepted Conte’s invitation to Palazzo Chigi. Forza Italia has always been willing to collaborate, but to collaborate we have to work together. The majority, on the other hand, place their trust and reject our amendments. We have responded positively to the Head of State’s appeal to revive the country by overcoming divisions, but the government must do its part. ”

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