Fortnite, professional player accuses Tfue of cheating


The Fortnite community seems to have nothing more to lose, and some dramas have been hitting on it especially in the last few days. After making some not entirely positive statements about the Epic Games title, the well-known player Tuner “Tfue” Tenney, is been accused of cheating not by any player but by a colleague of his. The NRG player Zayt has in fact asserted that he is sure of what he says and that he will not retrace his steps.

It is not the first time that Tfue has been accused in this way, but this time it seems to be heavier than the others, since the accusation comes from a highly respected player in the community and it seems very strange that a player of this caliber can address of unfounded accusations. Zayt also revealed that he has some evidence that would frame Tfue while using cheats within the Epic Games title. In addition to attacking Turner, the NRG player has his own started a battle against cheating within Fortnite.

On the day of June 9 he in fact released a series of Tweets in which he accused 6 professional cheat players. According to Zayt, Tfue is guilty of using macros for “double movement”. For those who don’t know what macros are, they are essentially a mappable key combination that allows PC players to make certain actions simpler. However, this practice is prohibited by Fortnite’s competitive rules, as indicated in the guidelines.

Zayt also released a statement to Fortnite Intel, stating that “at the moment there is no evidence of anyone except Tfue“. As for the other players he accused, Zayt said: “I’m pretty sure they’re all legitimate“. So it’s unclear why Zayt made the accusation in the first place, but remains adamant about the macro use of Tfue. As we write the news, we still don’t know what Tfue’s statements will be on the case, but surely he will want to give an answer to these accusations that see him protagonist.

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