Fortnite: it happened! Early Access is over, what changes?


The new Fortnite update has been made available this morning: we are talking about the number 13.20 which introduces several innovations within the game. To change not only, however, only the contents of the Royal Battle, of Save the World and of the Creative Mode. Epic Games has in fact brought about a change that we do not struggle to define as historical. The shooter it is no longer categorized as Early Access. From now on, each mode is considered a normal free to play and premium game. What has changed within the game?

Fortnite | The end of Early Access

Years have passed since the launch of Fortnite Salva il Mondo, the first true “Fortnite” that started the phenomenon we know today especially for the Battle Royale mode. From the outset, each modality was classified as Early Access, a practice far from rare for many years now. The distance between AA and full game is increasingly blurred, by now, and in fact it was strange that Epic Games had not yet made this change, since the games are more complete (especially after the transition to Chapter 2).

Save the world will not be free

From now on, Save the World is considered a premium game like any other. In 2018, however, there was talk of the possibility of making it free to play: nothing has happened and nothing will happen, given that the company has definitively decided to make it a paid game. Those who have already purchased Salva il Mondo will continue to play and will have access to a series of benefits, such as the Metal Team Leader Pack and 8,000 V-Bucks (for users of the Final Edition).

Venture is coming

Furthermore, the Venture in Salva il Mondo, one new excursion lasting a season set in a seasonal area with unique and new modifiers. Completing the Venture challenges will earn seasonal experience, which has an effect on the difficulty of battles, obtainable weapons and seasonal rewards. If you reach high levels in Seasonal Venture, you will unlock Supercharger materials that will increase the level of items in your main collection beyond the current maximum limit.

Aesthetic objects

In the next months, Fortnite Save the World will no longer support purchases of aesthetic items made through Battle Royale. The two modes will become separate: the current object library, however, will continue to function in both modes.

Finally, we specify that abandoning Fortnite’s Early Access does not have any impact on Creative Mode and Royal Battle.

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