Fortnite: has the Device event changed everything? Here are videos and details


After a long wait and multiple delays, theFortnite Device event, the battle royale of Epic Games. With this new in-game event, Season 3 of Chapter 2 is finally approaching, widely requested by the community, thirsty for news. The whole event was shot around the Agency, the building at the center of the real battle mode map. Let’s not waste any more time and see exactly what happened during the event and what the main changes have already been made to the island.

After the timer expired, the doors around the agency rose, revealing that they were pylons. The agency immediately exploded, revealing the central part from which, in a huge beam of light, the Doomsday Device emerged, the Device that gives the event its name. Immediately the players began to suffer less effects of gravity, being able to fly higher and higher. Doomsday charged with energy and connected to the pylons that refracted it towards the storm, which at that point surrounded the area of ​​the Agency.

The storm, after a couple of “attacks” suffered by Doomsday, was repelled, creating a strange rainbow effect inside the island of Fortnite, as if the game world had become positive and peaceful. But it was only a moment. In fact, strange graphic glitches began immediately at the game HUD and shortly thereafter a first person sequence started, in which we were able to see an office and hear some voices talking about a “loop”.

Epic Games is clearly preparing the game for new lore changes. What was shown was probably another dimension, which however is aware of the game dimension. We can see Jonesy elegantly dressed who, as he finds us in the office, is amazed and asks us if we can understand it. Unfortunately this dimensional leap does not last long and we have been sent back to the island.

However, the event did not leave the environment unscathed. First of all, as already indicated and as we already knew thanks to the leaks, the Agency has exploded and now only rubble remains: it will probably take days for more to be put in its place; we will only know this with the beginning of Season 3. The most incredible part, however, is the storm that is becoming water. The island, in fact, was below sea level and the circle of the storm brought with it an enormous wall of water which, of course, does damage to the players. However, it is possible to swim inside with great freedom, so as to use it to move and move 360 ​​degrees: we already foresee that this possibility will change the tactics of competitive players.

It therefore seems that the rumors related to a submerged version of the island were at least partially correct. Finally, we point out that the event was a record-breaking event, with millions of spectators.

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