Formula 1, news on the future of Vettel: the announcement


The Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has moved away Sebastian Vettel from the Silver Arrows, at least for the foreseeable future. In an interview with the Osterreich newspaper, the head of the Formula 1 world champion team made it clear.

“Right now the main focus is on the drivers we have, Sebastian Vettel is not our priority – Wolff – announced, though it should never be discarded This possibility. It is a four-time world champion who has left his mark in the last decade in F1 and now is surprisingly on the market “.

Wolff also spoke of his continuation in Mercedes, dismissing the rumors of a farewell: “For sure I will be driving the wall until the end of the season. I’m in my eighth season on the bridge and we’ve won the title six times. I must also reflect with myself if I’m still the best in this role. Do I still have reasons to continue being 100%? In this position you cannot simply be good, you must be very good “.

Thursday the driver of the Mercedes Valtteri Bottas had vented on the rumors about Vettel: “I had a clear message, that they are not considering Seb, so I said okay, no worries. A few times during this hiatus market news made me laugh, I find it funny that without a single race there are already some drivers who have already taken my place according to some news. This situation does not put particular pressure on me, I have my goal set in my head “.

SPORTAL.IT | 12-06-2020 11:31

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