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Bad weather, the hailstorm of 3 June last in the province of Bergamo (Ansa)
Bad weather, the hailstorm of 3 June last in the province of Bergamo (Ansa)
Rome, 11 June 2020 – Forecast of the last confirmed hours: so on with time unstable until weekend, with a very small respite. The next few days still characterized by numerous stormy occasions – explains -, although Friday 12 June a sunnier break is expected. A cyclonic vortex currently positioned on the Bay of Biscay over the weekend will drop a fresh drop that will cross Italy and then head towards the Balkans and Greece. Experts warn that today, Thursday 11 June, It will be another distinctly unstable day with showers and thunderstorms which could affect most of the central and northern regions, but also Sardinia, Campania and Puglia. From tomorrow, as announced, the increase in pressure will bring the sun back to most regions, only in Piedmont and Val d’Aosta will there still be rainfall. The temperatures will suffer a marked increase from this day.

Unstable weather on the weekend

But already since Saturday 13 June the arrival of a new unstable front connected to the passage of a fresh drop at high altitude will make the weather worse in the North West and then from Sardinia to Tuscany and Lazio. Sunday 14 June clouds and thunderstorms will still affect Tuscany, Umbria and then from the Alpine arc of the Triveneto will descend towards the plains of the North East. It will be sunnier elsewhere. Where there will be a greater amount of sunshine, temperatures will increase sharply with maximum values ​​of up to 28-29 degrees in the North and Center and peaks of 30-32 degrees in Puglia and Sicily.

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Milan – Rome – Florence – Bologna – Rimini – Viareggio – Turin – Naples – Bari

When the heat comes

L’summer he tries it next week, when June should start showing his best side. The high pressure will in fact attempt a new sortie towards our Peninsula. From Monday 15 June the fresh drop of the weekend will slide towards Greece, influencing widespread storms in most of the central and southern regions, after which the sun will gradually begin to dominate more and more. Temperatures will rise further enveloping Italy in a semi-summer climate. Also stresses that from next week “the general climate will be warmer and fully summery, in fact relatively intense peaks of heat in the South, sometimes even in the Center, cannot be excluded”. The site explains that “by mid-month the weather will be more stable in the Central South, although not in absolute terms, while in the North still at times unstable but in general not as much as these days. Climate is warmer everywhere”. There are still several days: as always, better to follow the updates.

What summer will be like

What about the rest of the summer? Of course, it is not possible to make very long-term predictions, but only to illustrate trends. The unknowns at the moment are many. However yesterday, with a specific focus on the site, assumed a July and August without the super heat. Again, these are scenarios to be verified with the evolution of the models.

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