Ford offers free 250 kWh, on DC fast charge, to Mustang Mach-E buyers


Ford has announced plans to offer buyers of the new one Mustang
, which we already told you about a few months ago, a kWh bonus to be able to recharge the
own electric car in order to experience the network of beyond 12,000
small columns
DC rapids planned in collaboration with Electrify America.
The incentive amounts to a package of 250 kWh free that each customer
will be able to use within two years to fill up its Mach-E using the systems of
fast charging DC; a discount offered in addition to the 2-year subscription included with the purchase
the car to use the FordPass charging network with conditions

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“For owners of Mustang Mach-E with extended autonomy battery, the 250 kWh
of energy equals more than three full refills. For models with batteries
of the standard range, the 250 kWh of fast charging energy equals more than
five full refills. It adds to the 2 years of free access that i
Mustang Mach-E customers automatically receive to take advantage of the FordPass charging network
recently expanded for easy pay-as-you-go top-up.

Ford is keen for new customers to join the FordPass ed
have a clear understanding of the facilities and services reserved for them for an experience
electric driving more advantageous than ever.
In addition, all the Mach-E, both those
standard and those with extended autonomy, will be delivered to the equipped customer of
series of a charger designed for home charging
through the common sockets
230 V and the opportunity to purchase a Ford Connected Charge Station wallbox starting at an expensive $ 799.
In short, as previously proposed by the pioneer of the Tesla sector, too
Ford aims to offer a series of facilities in order to simplify and
entice customers to experience electric traction.

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