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Therefore, tanning, darkening, pigmenting, black, are terms that we can continue to use. Whitening, white, clear, illuminating, these are racist terms. The French group established it L’Oreal. The French giant who evidently got a little carried away by chance George Floyd, The African American killed by police in Minneapolis, has decided “to withdraw the words white / whitening (white / whitening), clear (fair / fairness, light / lightening) from all products intended to uniform the skin” reads in a press release published in English.

It is not yet clear whether the products already on the market will be withdrawn, but above all how customers will have to adjust to make themselves understood when they have to go looking for a product. What will we say to request maybe a teeth whitener, a face lightener against stains or one for hair. When we are looking for facial cleansing products, blackheads, which certainly represent a negative factor, what will they be called from now on?

The decision comes after that of the Indian branch of the Unilever group which has chosen to rename its skin whitening cream marketed under the name “Fair & Lovely“The brand has promised to stop using the word” Fair “as it declares itself” committed to celebrating all skin tones “.

Meanwhile yesterday on the Floyd wave in Philadelphia they made it known that they no longer want to know about the statue of Christopher Columbus. The city plans to remove it, they said from Mayor Jim Kenney’s office, that tensions between those who want it and those who didn’t go to the point of constituting a “worrying situation for public safety.” The city will ask the Philadelphia Art Commission to authorize the removal of the statue on July 22, after protests and fury unleashed in the United States since Floyd’s death.

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