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Antonio Noto’s poll: they have become a party like any other. I lost six million votes

A poll shock sounds the de profundis for the 5 star movement more and more in free fall. The latest signal is the one collected by the survey by Antonio Noto director of Noto polls. 67% of Italians today express disappointment about the movement that was supposed to open Parliament like a can of tuna and instead “the M5s did promises he has not kept“, Writes the survey expert commenting on the survey published on Qn. “Not only. 58% believe that now there is no difference with the other parties, to which is added an additional 25% who even thinks that it is worse than the others “, the conclusions of Noto who explains in detail:” For 61% of the voters the M5s failed to change the ‘palace’. Even on the absence of Grillo citizens express disappointment: 68% say that a true leader must directly manage a political entity “. For the grillini the founder has somehow betrayed, but only he can perhaps raise the 5Stelle: “for this reason the sympathizers of the M5S in the dispute with Di Battista sided with the” noble father “”, writes Noto.

The bomb survey comes at the end of a week of fire with the controversy between DIbba, who would like a congress to establish the movement’s line and leadership, and Beppe Grillo for whom talking about the “constituent assembly” is smoke in the eye. And after the case Venezuela with the accusations of the Spanish newspaper ABC according to which at the dawn of the movement Hugo Chavez, with Nicolas Maduro Foreign Minister, would have financed the movement of Gianroberto Casaleggio and Grillo with a 3.5 million euro in black.

To wear down the grillini, needless to say, the double government experience, for many bankruptcy. “On the other hand, looking at the percentages of consensus, the scenario is of a political subject in crisis – notes Noto – If we refer to the objective data, that is, the vote in the ballot boxes, from the 2018 political elections to the European elections in 2019, the M5s has decreased in percentage of almost half, going from 33 to 17%. If, on the other hand, the number of voters is taken into consideration, the trend becomes even more punitive: in a year it has lost 6 million votersยป.

The Noto poll highlights another non-secondary aspect of the gap between the base and the political body. When asked “why don’t you vote M5s anymore”, 40% of respondents said the reason is that the movement has embraced right positions, for 35% because it chases positions of left. In any case, the sentiment of the former voters is that the soul of the 5 Star Movement has been betrayed.

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