“For Salvini’s rubles months of controversy, for Maduro’s money at the M5s, all quiet” – Libero Quotidiano


“An investigation has been launched into the € 3.5 million briefcase which Gianroberto Casaleggio would have received since Venezuela. I don’t believe it very much, we will see if they will find something ”. So Nicola Porro in his daily soup he commented on the latest developments on the scoop of the Spanish newspaper Abc, according to which the 5 star movement he would have received funding from the Chavista regime in 2010. “Matteo Renzi says that we must investigate the M5S as we investigated the League – said the reporter for Rete 4 -. Salvini was an incredible story, as is thinking that Casaleggio took a 3.5 million bag. But in the Russian case of the Carroccio there have been months of controversy, an evident case of two months and two measures “. In addition to this story of the alleged financing from Venezuela, the M5S is grappling with the internal ‘casino’: “They are slaughtering for a conference, for a leader, for a vote. The movement that was supposed to open Parliament – Porro thundered – has become extraordinarily the last great party of the first Republic “.

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