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Relaunch Decree: the match for the Fisco it is not yet closed since with the passage to Parliament for the conversion into law of Legislative Decree 34/2020 there could be a postponement for theself-liquidation and for i June payments.

In fact, among the amendments discussed at the Chamber Budget Committee, there is also one that aims at extend the deadlines for self-assessment and June payments, with the new date it probably should be September 2020.

On the other hand, the tax deadlines of 30 June were not discussed in the Relaunch Decree; the only provision on the matter, in fact, was the one that extended all those deferments of payments made by both the Cura Italia Decree and the Liquidity Decree. For these the new deadline is set for September 16 and as a method of payment, taxpayers will be able to choose either the single balance or the payment in four installments.

Does this mean that by the end of the month, taxpayers will still have to pay what is due in June? According to many operators and professionals, no; as pointed out by Italy todayin fact, many damage for sure the postponement of the self-assessment and the deadlines of June with the conversion of the Relaunch Decree into Law.

Self-assessment and June payments postponed to September?

And actually something about it is moving. At the House Budget Committee, where the various amendments to the Relaunch Decree are being discussed (the deadline for submitting them has been set for 4 June) there is also the proposal to Giovanni CurrĂ², MP of the 5 Star Movement, who announced one correction for the self-assessment deadlines and payments in June.

As we already told you a few days ago, there are several reasons why CurrĂ² decided to be the spokesman for the request for extend the deadline of 30 June 2020.

Just think, for example, about changes to ISAs provided by the Relaunch Decree; the fact that the calculation system useful for assigning a vote on the entrepreneur’s report card has been modified, in fact, justifies a postponement of the deadline for payments of IRPEF and IRES, also because, given the time that the Revenue Agency could take to update the new software, this could only be available close to the deadline.

But there is not only this reason: it must also be said that most professional firms complain that they are overworked and that for this reason – given the need to give priority to customers in requesting income support measures introduced to deal with the emergency from COVID-19 – at the moment they have not yet opened the files regarding the corporate tax returns 2020.

And it is for this reason that among professionals there is the certainty that with the conversion into Law of the Relaunch Decree, action will be taken where the original text did not go with the self-assessment and the June payments which should be postponed to 30 September.

What risks in case of extension of the tax deadlines?

Also ItaliaOggi she is convinced of this and hopes that any decision will be made in this regard you don’t come close to the deadline, as among other things often happens.

This always responds to those who fear there may be negative revenues in August in case of extension of the June tax deadlines: in detail, there should be no such risk as evidenced by what happened last year with the extension for the ISAs in September , when the public finances held since the shifting of deadlines had an impact more on flows than on actual revenue.

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