“For Milan it will be tough, Juventus is always Juventus. Allianz Stadium empty factor to consider”


Former Milan defender Giuseppe Cardone, currently Uefa Pro manager, was interviewed by Milannews.it. Her words:

Ibrahimovic was instrumental in the recovery of Milan. Would it deserve renewal?

“Ibrahimovic is a determining factor for the team. Renewal depends on corporate programs. But a particular situation has arisen, and therefore it was necessary to do this, and it does not mean abandoning everything. The important thing is that this path is lasting, rather the walls are pulled down and we move on. Changing the program every time then becomes destabilizing not only for the environment, but also for the team itself. If you give a certain type of communication to the fans, they have that kind of expectation. But the fan gets angry when programs are made and then are disregarded “.

Do you expect an offensive hit with or without Ibrahimovic?

“I hope that the next name for the Milan attack will be a choice shared by both the club and the coach who will sit on the bench next season.”

Given the important absences against Juventus, Paquetà will most likely have his chance. Do you deserve another chance?

“In my opinion Paquetà always deserves the opportunity if she is well. He is a strong player, albeit with many ups and downs. He is one who is not afraid of getting the ball at San Siro, but I think he could be the player who could give what Milan misses. ”

Even more complicated situation for Bonaventura.

“Bonaventura has this particular situation and I believe that he will find the best deal for everyone with the company.”

Italian football starts again on Friday with Juventus-Milan How do you see the Rossoneri?

“It is a difficult test because Milan will have several absences, Juventus is always Juventus, but in football you never know. Juventus Stadium is a factor to consider, also because it will be empty “.



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