For contact sports resumed on June 25 Discos: stop until 14/7. Rebus travel –


The infections return to rise in Italy, with a surge in Lombardy, but the government is preparing for a new easing of the anti-Covid measures 19 not without contrasts in the CDM. Read the new Dpcm.

The draft of the new Dpcm foresaw the return to soccer and other contact sports from Monday 15 June, but the green light in the definitive text signed by the premier was skipped after a heated discussion between ministers, given the opposition of Vincenzo Spadafora and Roberto Speranza . In this way contact sports will be able to resume from 25 “as long as the regions and the competent ministers ascertain their compatibility with the epidemiological situation”. Here is the link of the new Dpcm.

On Monday, the children’s play areas and summer centers will also reopen, as well as the betting rooms. For discos it will be necessary to wait another month, while travel abroad will gradually resume. “The epidemic is not over – says the Minister of Health Hope -: there are still transmission outbreaks and the virus, even if in a reduced form and with a prevalence of asymptomatic cases, continues to circulate ».

The advances of the umpteenth decree of the Prime Minister say that from June 15 there will be other spaces of freedom for the Italians. Arcades, betting and bingo may reopen, among the sectors most penalized by the lockdown, but always with the warning to the Regions to take into account the progress of the pandemic. Green light as planned for cinemas and theaters and outdoor shows, for a maximum of two hundred and one thousand spectators respectively.

News also for travel: if the cruises are suspended until July 14, in addition to flights in the Schengen area you can also go to Albania and the Balkans from Tuesday 16. In countries outside the European Union – excluding Great Britain – it will not be possible until 30 June. «Except for proven work needs, of absolute urgency or for health reasons – is specified in the draft Dpcm -. In any case, the return to one’s home, home or residence is allowed ».

The new measures will be effective until July 14th, is still read in the draft, subject to change. The basic provisions to limit the risk of contagion were reiterated, from social distancing to the ban on gathering. Until July 14, however, no discos even outdoors, fairs and conferences, but the governors will be able to establish a different date considering the contagion data. From the Conference of the Regions, however, the request emerges to attach the guidelines to the Dpcm; the presidents are aperturists, they want discos active before July and on shared slots, fairs and congresses a shared path, to avoid the blame with everyone who then decides for himself on the basis of the numbers of the infection. However satisfied the president of Emilia Bonaccini: «Now phase 3 begins».

Meanwhile, the data of the Civil Protection say of 379 new cases in 24 hours (on Wednesday there were 202), as many as 252 of them in Lombardy (with over 13 thousand tampons), which dates back over 66% of the total. The victims are 53, the lowest figure since March 2 (already recorded four days ago); 25 of the new deceased are in Lombardy. The good news comes from Emilia Romagna, for the first time with zero victims like nine other regions. In total, coronavirus deaths in Italy are now 34,167.

The number of tests carried out still does not take off: just over 62 thousand, far from the 90 thousand possible every day according to Commissioner Domenico Arcuri. “The tests are there and there is no shortage of reagents,” let his staff know. It would therefore be a choice of the Regions, especially those with the lowest contagion.


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