“For Boga requests from Italy and abroad, but we want to keep him. Many unstructured clubs to play 3 matches in 7 days”


The manager of Sassuolo, Giovanni Carnevali, spoke of Serie A and the transfer market to the microphones of Radio 1 Rai: “If there really is a Sassuolo model? The Sassuolo model is a project of the Squinzi family, which has already started for many years, and we are looking for to carry it forward with all the difficulties that may exist. The project has now passed into the hands of the children but continues, it continues. In a time of difficulty like this, not only for Sassuolo but for the whole system that does not enjoy excellent health, we have a duty to continue to grow, improving, always keeping an eye on the budget, but also on the sports aspect, because 7 years in A is a great result. The project continues hoping that it can improve even more “.

What team is behind the redemption of Boga besides Sassuolo?

“When Boga came to us, few knew him and we must be given credit for our scouting for having found him and for our coach De Zerbi who made him grow. He has requests in Italy and abroad. Sassuolo has made an effort in order to have it totally and now we will evaluate it. The will is to keep it with us because, as we said before, we must have a growth plan and, sometimes we have to make sacrifices, but we must also keep the best. Boga will still have requests, if it continues to grow better for all of us, but the goal is to keep him still in Sassuolo “.

What was the most difficult time this year during the pandemic?

“It was a difficult time but also confusing because the football system could have done better. The political part has not helped us, one of the worst things is to lean or talk to the political part, football must stay away from these situations, it must have the ability and the knowledge to understand which is the right way, the best way. We are all on the same boat and we must all try to do the best for our societies. There is still an emergency and we all have to put in one hand on heart, helping each other, if we all have to give up something it is right to give up, but we must go on with the hope that the championship can start and above all end, we must have the hope that everything will end in the best way ” .

Ten games at 5.15 pm, all at the weekend, none of these in Naples and Lecce, more than half of the matches at 9.30 pm and a 50ina at 7.15 pm. What can you tell us about this? Can you do this well?
“It is an emergency situation, just think of the protocol. It is a complicated and difficult situation, there are situations, of enormous difficulty, to carry on. I believe that the League will organize the matches with common sense, will give everyone the possibility to play at various times, without facilitating anyone. You have to think about playing without looking at anything else. You have to carry on the football company which is one of the many companies that needs to reopen, which is in difficulty and has to go back to work. World Cup, there are many games to play in the afternoon. There will be problems not only for the times but mostly for the 3 races in 7 days and many clubs, especially the medium-small ones are not structured. There will be problems with injuries especially if we think about the next season. But we have to think about our company and if our company is in trouble we all have to roll up our sleeves and go to work to relieve it. ”

What could happen in the event of a partial reopening of the stadiums? Will there be expensive tickets?
“Fans are one of the most important parts and the football club must take this into consideration. Not playing with our fans is a regret, it would be one of the last things to do, but right now we are forced to do so. will talk about expensive tickets but we have to deal quickly with this topic, we are already talking about people in cinemas and theaters, in other countries they are talking about people at the stadium and we do not have to always arrive late, we are always late. in Italy we go too slowly, I speak of a system. Football is made of organization, programming, you cannot risk what we are risking in this period, knowing that it will be a ‘distorted’ championship, I use this term in quotes, because it will not be a regular championship as if it had finished in the right time “.

Is courage or common sense more lacking in Italy?
“The cultural aspect of us Italians, who always think of ourselves, instead our world does not have a future vision and always looks to the immediate and this system will not lead us anywhere. We need programming, manageriality, we need common sense and not fear. We know that we will have to live with the virus for a long time, we have to risk but also to live. Football is joy and fun and also passion, being able to start is like when after 2 months locked in the house you go back to the open air and start living again, and we must live and survive “.



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