Fontana: “In Lombardy obligation to wear an outdoor mask until July 14”


“We have talked for a long time with many experts and we believe that as a precaution it is right to continue in this direction, given that the numbers are going well,” he said on the sidelines of the event “Health North Direction – The speeches of courage” in course in Milan.

“With more autonomy we would have given a better answer” Speaking of the simplification for the recovery, Fontana then specified: “If we had had more autonomy during the health emergency we would have had more doctors, nurses and staff and probably we could have given a better answer than the one we gave and organize ourselves more promptly. We should be able to decide faster, faster, with more determination and with more compatible choices with our territory.

“We don’t want to be overwhelmed by bureaucracy” “Courage also lies in changing our country on rules, we cannot and do not want to be submerged by the times that bureaucracy imposes on us – he added -. For the rebirth we must have the courage to go beyond these rules that are choking us. I think the Region must interpret this will, which is an emergency for all the productive classes. We must have the courage to innovate, to intervene even to the limits allowed by law and to demonstrate that there are roads that must be traveled with more courage at national level ” .

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