Foiled international traffic of stolen luxury cars


Luxury Mercedes

A international traffic of stolen luxury cars it was discovered by the police at the Fiumicino airport. The investigations that left Rome were conducted by the Salerno and Gioia Tauro border police in collaboration with the Canadian authorities. The luxury cars, after being transported from Montreal by container by ship, and in transit in Italy, were transported to Turkey and Libya, in the ports of Mersin and Khoms, and subsequently resold to wealthy people in figures that, although high however, they were affordable compared to market prices. The models in fact – which ones Chevrolet “Camaro”, Mercedes “Glc 4.3 Amg” and coupes, various SUVs, Jeep Land Rover, Hyundai and more – have list prices starting from 50 thousand up to over 100 thousand euros.

The discovery

The investigative activity highlighted one first route of illicit trafficking linking Canada with the Turkey, with short stop in the Salerno harbor, while a second, and more substantial illicit corridor of transfer of stolen vehicles it passed through the Gioia Tauro airport to reach the coasts Libyan. It is precisely in Gioia Tauro – investigators write – that the staff of the border police office has intercepted and requested from the Customs office of the seaport on block of the entire load of the Canadian forwarder, distributed on four separate cargo ships. At that point well 25 containers they have been subjected to a scanner check and a detailed analysis of the commercial transit documents. Inside, beyond 100 vehicles they have been scrupulously inspected, with constant and daily contact between the staff of the Italian and Canadian police, and the help, in cases of doubts about the authenticity of the chassis numbers, by personnel from the Palmi traffic police subsection. This allowed to verify the illicit origin of cars, all stolen, and to stop international traffic that would have made hundreds of thousands of euros.

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