Foggia, fools smear the walls of Masseria Pantano with cans


A place that exists, a treasure that no longer exists. It would be enough to visit even for a few minutes Masseria Pantano, or what remains of it, to get an idea. What was one of the two residences that Federico II had built in Foggia, is now a ruin in a total state of abandonment.

A heritage that has resisted wars and the earthquake, but which lies in total neglect. Cases where some villain uses the area to unload waste are not uncommon. And then there are those who, in spite of the history and the artistic-cultural value of the farm, thought it well to use the walls inside the structure to give vent to an ‘art attack’.

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Yesterday, in fact, the Local Police – following a citizen’s report – intervened at Masseria Pantano, where he was able to verify the presence of drawings and writings on numerous walls of the structure. Yet another disfigurement suffered by one of the city’s many heritages, which for years have had to suffer the most silent and painful violence of all: indifference.

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