Floyd, Trump restarts with rallies from the symbolic place of slavery. African American leaders: “A slap in the face”


Opens a round table a Dallas to discuss police reform and racial discrimination, over two weeks after the death of George Floyd. But Donald Trump he never mentions him, and the three top executives in the police local, all African Americans. Less than five months after the presidential election, the United States – still in the vortex of the coronavirus pandemic – are struggling with the protests antiracist most important of the last 50 years and the White House is overwhelmed by institutional clashes with the security forces, since Pentagon to military. In addition to embarrassing gaffes on Twitter. But the president, defying what seems to many to be a second wave of the pandemic, resumes his election rally and starts from Tulsa, in Oklahoma: a symbolic date and place for the anti-racial struggles that have set fire to theAmerica after the death of Floyd, also relaunching the war on the Confederate statues. But for Sherry Gamble Smith, president of the Black Wall Street Chamber of Commerce of Tulsa, “Choosing that date and coming to Tulsa is totally disrespectful, one slap in the face of what happened “. Many African American leaders were also against, as was the senator Dem Kamala Harris: “It’s not just a wink to the supremacists whites, is offering them a welcome party. ”

LeBron James also asks African Americans to vote And in these turbulent weeks, where the rival dem Joe Biden fears that Trump may “steal” the elections even by boycotting the vote in the mail, prominent members of the African American community intervene to discourage abstention: after Michael Jordan, who for the first time broke the silence by taking a stand, too LeBron James, star of the Los Angeles Lakers, wants to motivate those who often decide not to vote because they don’t feel represented. And to do so he created a group ‘More Than a Vote’, riding the wave of protests across the country against inequalities race and the police violent. “With all that is happening – he said James – people are finally listening to us. We are finally stepping inside. How long this is up to us. We do not know. But we have the sensation to have ears that listen to us and attention. It is time for us to finally make a difference. ”

The excluded from the Dallas round table – I’m the sheriff Marian Brown, the chief of police Renee Hall and the district attorney John Creuznot, all African Americans. The decision sparked a wave of controversy, but was justified by the White House with the fact that the president would have listened to different opinions anyway, such as that of the police chief of Glenn Heights, a small town south of Dallas. “Of course Trump did not get a complete picture of the suggestions from law enforcement agencies – commented the prosecutor Creuznot – we (three, ed) are the people on the ground “. And in addition to this front, at the center of the meeting there was the knot of cutting funds for the police: “Defund The Police“From slogan it has become movement in recent weeks, but Trump – as well as Biden, Republicans and most Democrats – it’s against it. “We have to defend our police and don’t cut the police money, ”continued the tycoon in Dallas. “We have to ensure that our police come well formed, perfectly educated and be equipped with the best equipment “. Then he added that the United States “cannot make any progress labeling millions of Americans as racists“.

What does it mean to start from Tulsa – On June 19 in fact with the ‘Juneteenth‘, The annual commemoration of the end of slavery, which is not a federal holiday but is widely celebrated by the African Americans. Remember reading the proclamation of emancipation of African American slaves in Texas, the last state of the Southern Confederation to receive it on June 19, 1865, months after the end of the civil war. But also Tulsa it is highly significant, having been the scene of one of the most serious episodes of violence racist in American history: between May and June 1921 hordes of whites attacked the African American community in the neighborhood of Greenwood, one of the most prosperous in the United States so as to be nicknamed ‘Black Wall Street’, killing up to 300 people and destroying about 1000 houses and shops.

The campaign of Trump defended the choice of time and place by stating that “the party of Abraham Lincoln, the Republicans, are proud of the history of Juneteenth “, for having won the civil war and put an end to slavery. But in the community African American – and beyond – the mood is mounting after the president’s embarrassing management of racial protests. The tycoon has chosen to start from theOklahoma because it has one of the lowest rates of COVID-19 in the country (about 7500) but announced other rallies in Florida, Arizona, North Carolina. And in Texas, where he flies today for a round table where silence about racism could break.

The anxiety of the polls and the split convention – The campaign of tycoon he thinks it will be more difficult for opponents to criticize his rallies after the big crowds for Floyd. Anyhow Trump he desperately needs it to reassemble in the polls Joe Biden. Meanwhile for the first time the republican presidential convention doubles: the party voted to hold a small-scale convention of 336 delegates in the original venue at the end of August, Charlotte (North Carolina), where the platform will be discussed respecting the contractual obligations and the social distancing measures required by the dem governor for the COVID-19. But Donald Trump will hold the acceptance speech in another location, without any restrictions whatsoever: in pole position there is Jacksonville, Florida, one of the States in the balance.

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