Floyd, the silent science against racism – Research & Institutions


The scientific world silent against racism. Laboratories, universities and scientific societies go on strike on 10 June, interrupting their activities to join the support day for the Black Lives Matter movement, launching the hashtags #ShutDownSTEM, # Strike4BlackLives and #ShutDownAcademia. Several scientific journals suspend publications, while Nature shifts the Wednesday release to Thursday and makes mea culpa on behalf of all the scientific journals that over the years have given little space to black researchers.

“Nature is against all forms of racism. But words must be followed by deeds,” reads the editorial. The magazine acknowledges that it is “one of the ‘white’ institutions responsible for prejudice in research and scholarships, denying room for black researchers. Science has been, and remains, complicit in this systemic racism and must fight harder to correct these injustices and amplify marginalized voices, “he continues.

Like Nature, many university laboratories, scientific societies and sector journals will also dedicate the day to racial equality and inclusion. “Whites and other non-black people must work to eradicate racism against blacks. As members of the global academic and science community, we have an ethical obligation to end this situation,” the #ShutDownSTEM organizers write on their site. .

There are many seminars and virtual conferences organized, such as those of the universities of California in Irvine, New Hampshire or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to speak about African Americans at the university, while at the University of Chicago researchers will march on campus.


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