Floyd: L’Oreal announces, we no longer use the word ‘whitening’ – the last hour


(ANSA) – PARIS, JUNE 27 – The French group L’Oreal,
cosmetic giant, today announced that it has decided to
delete from the description on the containers of your products
words such as “whitening”, in the framework of world initiatives
against racism. “The L’Oreal group has decided to withdraw
the words white / whitening, clear
(fair / fairness, light / lightening) from all intended products
to uniform the skin “reads a statement published in
English. There are no other details, for example on the eventuality
of an immediate withdrawal from the trade of the products on sale.
The decision comes after that of the group’s Indian branch
Unilever that has chosen to rename its whitening cream
for leather marketed under the name “Fair & Lovely”. The
brand has promised never to resort to the word “Fair” again
what she declares “committed to celebrating all the tones of the
skin. “(ANSA).


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