Floyd, Laura Boldrini and Pd deputies on their knees in the Chamber: “Against all discrimination”. Donzelli (FdI): “Scenic”


Controversy between opposition and majority in the Chamber, for the consequences of an initiative taken yesterday evening, at the end of the classroom work, by Laura Boldrini. The deputy Pd had intervened to remember the death of George Floyd, condemning all forms of racism and discrimination, at the end of which a group of Pd deputies had kneeling, replicating the silent and non-violent form of protest, which spread to the United States to condemn the death of the African American citizen killed by a police officer in Minneapolis. The initiative was brought back to the attention of the classroom by the intervention of Giovanni Donzelli, from the Brothers of Italy, and the morning climate immediately overheated. “That put in place yesterday by colleague Laura Boldrini and other deputies of the Democratic Party who in the courtroom knelt in memory of George Floyd – said the deputy of FDI – is a skit that also disqualifies the fight against racism itself “.

Donzelli ‘s judgments triggered the reaction of Pd, Leu and 5Stelle. “I find it incredibly instrumental – said Lia Quartapelle (Pd) – that every time we talk about these issues, the classroom must be divided, when instead racism, violence, intolerance should unite everyone. Too many times they make gods incomprehensible distinction and I am proud to be part of a parliamentary group that yesterday wanted to join the squares all over the world and I am proud to have knelt as a sign of respect for those who suffer, also in Italy, for the violence and discrimination that occur all days “.
“I am very impressed by Donzelli’s words – he added Nicola Fratoianni (Leu) – I find the initiative taken by my colleagues yesterday full of dignity and respect for the values ​​of this classroom. Defining that choice for a ‘script’ continues to remove the gigantic problem of abuse and violence, whose origin is only one: racial hatred, contempt for diversity. The demonstration of a few days ago at the Circus Maximus is an example, like the things that happen every Sunday in the curves of the stadiums. Being militant against racism on a daily basis is the highest form of respect for Parliament, those who do not recognize it obviously have some problems with the values ​​of the Constitution ”

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