Floyd: Greta, ‘company has reached a point of no return’ – the last hour


(ANSA-AFP) – LONDON, JUNE 20 – The demonstrations
anti-racist under the banner of ‘Black Lives Matter’ show that the
society has reached a “point of no return” where finally
injustices are taken head on. “It is as if we have
passed a kind of point of no return level
social where people start realizing we can’t
more hiding behind a finger than these things, “he said
said 17-year-old Greta Thunberg in an interview with the BBC, “not
we can keep putting these things under the carpet,
these injustices. “

The interview aired as they return to Piazza i
anti-racist demonstrations in various parts of the world that have taken place
followed for days after George’s death in Minneapolis
Floyd, an African American man who died while he was in state
police detention. Hundreds of them are still in London today
returned to demonstrate in the city center: the meeting point
in Hyde park, then proceed to Buckingham Palace and the Big
Ben, under the watchful but distant gaze of the forces of
safety. A more contained procession than those who have
parade in the past two weekends in the British capital and in
which dozens of people have been arrested. (ANSA-AFP). (HANDLE).


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