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Protests across the United States do not show signs of slowing down as a result of the death caused by a policeman in George Floyd’s Minneapolis. In fifteen states the National Guard entered action to try to stem the unrest and at least 40 cities including Chicago and Los Angeles have adopted a curfew.

11.20 – Police solidarity in Florida

In Coral Gables, Florida, policemen also showed solidarity for the death of George Floyd. In a photo posted on Instagram you can see a group of agents kneeling in silence before the command of their city.

11.15 – Gi 4.000 arrests in all the USA
4,000 people have been arrested following protests and riots resulting from the death of George Floyd. This is calculated by the 0 television station Cnn. The first arrest dates back to May 26, the day of Floyd’s death. Among the people placed in custody, also Chiara De Blasio, daughter of the mayor of New York Bill De Blasio

11.00 am – Michael Jordan: I’m on the side of those who protest
I feel very sad, but also very angry. I am on the side of those who are protesting against the senseless racism that exists in our country against black people. But now we have enough. Former NBA star Michael Jordan takes a stance on Floyd’s death in Minneapolis. We must listen to each other, show compassion and empathy and never turn our backs on senseless brutality -explains the 57-year-old basketball champion on social networks-. We need to give messages of peace against injustice.

10.45 am – State of emergency in Seattle
King County, whose seat the city of Seattle, Washington, has declared a state of emergency following the unrest that broke out over the death of George Floyd. The county appreciates and respects the peaceful expression of political opinions and supports all people in the exercise of their rights established by the First Amendment according to an official note. To help respond to the violence and theft associated with some of the local protests, King County executive Dow Constantine has declared a state of emergency, he adds.

10.30 am – Former agent Chauvin in court on June 8
The now ex-policeman Derek Chauvin, sadly famous for the arrest in which African American George Floyd died in Minneapolis, will appear for the first time in court on 8 June to respond to the murder charges. The hearing was initially scheduled for today, but has been postponed, as reported by CNN. The reason for the postponement is unclear. The ex-policeman was arrested on Friday after being fired with three other colleagues.

10.20 am – Louisville: the police shoot a dead man
A man who died in Louisville, Kentucky during a protest. According to a first reconstruction, the man was hit by a bullet fired by the police who was attempting to disperse a protest demonstration.

10.18 am – 40 protesters arrested in Boston
Boston is also the scene of protests and street demonstrations against the death of George Floyd. Today’s toll appeared to have been 40 arrested protesters and at least 7 injured officers brought to hospital. There are 21 police vehicles left damaged.

10.00 am – In California all state offices closed
The US State Department of Human Resources has sent a directive to close all California state buildings with offices in downtown areas due to protests following the death of George Floyd. The general mandate covers all public offices. After consulting California Highway Patrol and the Bureau of Emergency Services, the decision was made tonight to advise all state departments with offices in downtown areas to close and inform staff of the decision, said Amy Palmer , a spokeswoman for the State Agency for Government Operations.

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