Floyd, autopsy: ‘He had coronavirus’. Obama: “His death will serve to change America”. Clashes: 22 year old killed, 90 arrests in New York


The other three agents they were with Derek Chauvin upon detention of George Floyd were arrested at Minneapolis and the general power of attorney of Minnesota aggravated the charge for the former agent Derek Chauvin from manslaughter to voluntary homicide. And in the wake of the decision of the general prosecutor in the night mostly peaceful demonstrations again invaded the cities of the United States, from New York to Washington, from Los Angeles to Philadelphia. Meanwhile, new details of the autopsy on the body of George Floyd, who confirmed death by suffocation: the report shows that the 46-year-old was positive for COVID-19 but symptomless. The 20-page review also noted that the lungs of Floyd they looked healthy but had a shrinkage of the arteries in the heart.

The clashes – At least 90 people were arrested in New York – compared to the 280 stops of the previous night – while a San Francisco the 22 year old Sean Monterrosa he was killed by law enforcement during i riot because suspected of robbing a pharmacy in the bay of San Francisco. The agents thought that the hammer he brought to life was a firearm. TO Brooklyn, a policeman he was stabbed in the neck, two officers reported gunshot wounds to the hands and another man was shot by the police. The agents were brought in Hospital with non-lethal wounds while the conditions of man are unknown.

Obama: “George Floyd’s death serves for real change” – The former president also spoke more than a week after the protests began Barack Obama than live streaming (at midnight in Italy), invited to seize the opportunity of the protests for the death of George Floyd to “carry out reforms”, “change America and bring it up to its ideals”. The former president of United States he said that compared to the 1960s there is now “a large coalition, a “greater awareness of iniquities”, the “involvement of young people who have the power and talent to make things change”. “I want to speak directly to young people men and young women women of color in this country. I want you to know that you count. I want you to know yours lives count, that your dreams count, “he said. Finally invited the mayors and i local leaders and review the use of force by the police together with them community.

Mattis’ accusation: “Trump is the only president who divides rather than unites” – To attack Donald Trump the former Secretary of Defense also intervenes Jim Mattis, the former marine who was the first chief of the Pentagon administration Trump (January 2017 – December 2018). In an intervention for the newspaper The Atlantic Mattis writes that Trump “it is the first president in my life that doesn’t try to unite the American people and doesn’t even try, instead it tries to divide us “. “We are seeing the consequences of three years of this deliberate effort” by to divide the country, “we are witnessing the consequences of three years without one leadership mature, “he wrote Mattis. But, he points out, “we can unite without him, drawing on the strength of our civil society: it will not be easy, as the last few days have shown, but we owe it to our fellow citizens, to past generations who shed blood to defend our promises and our children “.

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