Florence, “The school as Auschwitz”: storm on a municipal councilor of the League | Then the apology comes


The post – “The school according to this government … Pd + 5stars + Leu + Italy Long live #go home, be ashamed. You have plexiglass instead of neurons or in your armchairs”, is the caption that accompanies the image.

“The photo speaks for itself. You can be critical towards a party, towards an idea, towards a law, but use these images, in particular if the person who uses it is a city councilor, who sits in the democratic institution closest to the citizens, it is unacceptable, “the mayor of Borgo San Lorenzo Paolo Omoboni.

A few hours after the first publication, Ticci reposted the image explaining his gesture: “The photo is strong, because a general awakening of awareness would serve”.

Ticci then returned to the topic again with a further post, in which he apologized: “I feel sorry for an inappropriate photo, accompanying a post that I shared and I do it for those who felt offended by that picture; for what it represents. I just wanted to criticize the school decree and it was not my intention to reopen a painful wound for anyone. ”

Comments – “This is a municipal councilor of the Lega in Borgo San Lorenzo, province of Florence. Compare the school according to this government to the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp, where about 1.2 million people were gassed and then burned for the sole fault of born, Jews, Sinti, Roma, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, disabled people, regime opponents, prisoners of war How can a healthy mind compare this to school? How can a party afford to be represented by him? trivialization of history, even the most tragic, that will hurt us, and a lot. We have not educated enough, we have not explained enough, we have not studied enough. We have a generation in front of us, not always or not all aware that evil exists and can always return “. So the deputy dem, Emanuele Fiano, comments the words of the League exponent in a post on Facebook.

“The post published by the Northern League councilor of Borgo San Lorenzo, Claudio Ticci, with this image that recalls the concentration camp of Auschwitz, horrifies me. Political dissent cannot reach these ignoble levels. Ask for an apology and remove the image. In this moment, so difficult for our country, it is not tolerable that representatives of the institutions let themselves go to these basenesses “. So on Facebook the Deputy Minister for Education Anna Ascani.

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