Flooding and landslides in the Bolognese, roads like streams – Emilia-Romagna


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                      <p><strong>Flooding and landslides last night in the Bolognese area, where the firefighters are still at work</strong>: in the metropolitan area a <strong>violent storm</strong> which caused a lot of damage especially in the mountain areas around Gaggio, Castiglione dei Pepoli and Porretta Terme. In Porretta the roads have turned into streams. In Granaglione a woman was evacuated who resided in a house too exposed to the debris that was going down. 

The most critical moment, according to firefighters, was around one o’clock. Many companies in the area – in Porretta as in Gaggio Montano – are flooded and firefighters are currently working with motor pumps to drain water from buildings. In Granaglione, where a woman was evacuated from her home, a landslide blocked residents and people traveling by car on the Sp 55. Firefighters received many calls and are working tirelessly in support of the population. In addition to the firefighters on the spot also the carabinieri. There were also interventions for dangerous poles, trees felled as in Monghidoro in via Marino Finzi where a plant fell on the road.

Discomfort and damage also in the center of Bologna. Several interventions of the firefighters since last night also in the plains in the Bolognese and in the Emilia capital. In Bologna in particular, an apartment building was struck by lightning, in via Flora, while water damage occurred in the center, in via Zanardi and in via de Musei. In Medicina, a municipality that in recent weeks had been “isolated” as a red zone for the coronavirus emergency, teams of firefighters intervened for flooding and to secure trees and light poles. (ANSA).

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