Fiumicino outbreak, second restaurant closed: 8 positives





Fiumicino outbreak, second restaurant closed: 8 positives

Closed a second restaurant in Fiumicino for Covid 19. After the case of the Bangladeshi employee of ‘Indispensa’ tested positive for the coronavirus today fate was decided by the ASL Roma 3 for the kiosk ‘Spuma’. The owner of both premises was in fact infected.

of 400 swabs performed yesterday 8 tested positive: 2 owners of the restaurant, 2 employees and 4 cohabitants of the Bangladeshi patient hospitalized in Spallanzani. This was announced by the Crisis Unit of the Lazio Region, on its social page Salute Lazio, recalling that “the epidemiological investigation and the execution of the tampons continues” and recommending “all restaurant owners to keep the contacts of the customers for facilitate contact tracing if necessary and avoid heavy penalties “.

“It is important to underline – affirms the mayor of Fiumicino The mayor Esterino Montino declares it – that, at the moment, no customer tests positive for the swab: the only positive swabs are from employees, owners and cohabitants of the first patient “.” Since the owners of Indispensa are also the managers of the Spuma kiosk on the Salute promenade – continues Montino – the kiosk has also been closed as a precaution.

“ASL is continuing its checks and, given the large influx of people, has decided to keep the Casal Bernocchi drive-in open until 8pm today, tomorrow and for the days to follow,” Montino announced, recalling that “those who went to Indispensa or Spuma from 21 June must go to the drive-in to be subjected to the swab – explains the mayor -. If you arrive in Casal Bernocchi you are faced with a substantial number of machines, as happened yesterday and is still happening, you can return later or tomorrow. In the meantime, however (and in any case until the outcome of the swab), it is necessary to remain isolated and not to have contact with anyone. For the same principle – clarifies the mayor – you have to go to the drive-in by car, but alone or accompanied only by people living together. Don’t go together with friends or people who don’t live with you because they put themselves at risk they too”.

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