fiscal year 2020 was his second best ever –


According to its latest economic report, fiscal year 2020 was the second best always of The Pokémon Company, thanks also to the contribution of Sword and Shield Pokémon for Nintendo Switch. Profits were 15.367 billion yen (about $ 143 million) and grew 14.8% over the previous fiscal year.

In fact, the game that is making the Pokémon Company the most cash is always Pokémon GO, which continues to grind millions of dollars relentlessly. However, also the contribution of Pokémon Sword and Shield seems to have been decisive. The only year the Pokémon Company has done better it was 2017, with only slightly better results than 2020. That year most of the success was due to Pokémon GO alone.

In general, the Pokémon brand remains one of the strongest in the entertainment world, capable of adding successes on successes. Who knows what awaits us for the futureat this point, given that Nintendo Switch has already had two Pokémon and Pokémon GO is far from having exhausted its success.

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