Fire Brigade video intervention plane crash Fabio Lombini and Gioele Rossetti


Here are the images taken by the helicopter of the Fire Brigade of the intervention of the 115 personnel in the area where the ultralight crashed on which the pilot Gioele Rossetti and his friend Fabio Lombini traveled. The drama occurred on Sunday morning, in Nettuno, around 10.40 am. The plane crashed shortly after taking off from the Crazy Fly flight school in via Avezzano. On the spot, the Fire Brigade intervened with five means to tame the flames.

Lombini had resumed training right at the federal center of Ostia where he had arrived for three days with his coach Alessandro Resch to swim with other blue athletes followed by Stefano Morini. Sunday was a day free from training. On Lombini’s Instagram Stories there are the last moments before the flight, with the two boys happy to share their morning on the ultralight on social networks. The National Flight Safety Agency (ANSV) has opened an investigation into the accident by sending its own investigator to the site of the event.

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