“Fine or penalty”, cleaver of Rai? – Free newspaper


“I don’t give a damn that we shouldn’t hug each other.” The last episode of Sunday In it became a case because of the embrace between Mara Venier and Romina Power, who live on Rai1 have broken the rules of social distancing. The ratings fully rewarded the spontaneity of the Venetian presenter, but there is no lack of controversy about that episode. Even Michele Anzaldi, secretary of the Rai supervisory commission, asked the board of directors to evaluate “if it is not right at least to impose a fine or in any case a penalty to the presenter “. “What teaching does the first public service network give in this way – continues Anzaldi -? Mara Venier with her behavior in front of millions of viewers puts at risk the respect of the measures for the containment of the coronavirus infection ”.

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